I ran today. Sometimes I certainly wouldn’t. Temperature around zero, lightly falling snow and wind. Dark and unfriendly.

Perfect for running!

If I hadn’t gone, I would have felt much worse. So I gave my brain much-needed food – OXYGEN!

Running tips
Running tips -condition through winter

Let me summarize some facts about running throughout the year. It is a mistake to think that there is no need to run in winter. Oh, this is very important!

I can’t imagine myself not running in the winter. It just doesn’t work! I realized a long time ago that the stories about colds, pneumonia and sore throats due to running in bad weather  conditions in any time of the year – are not true! Not even close.

It is certain, however, that it is necessary to run differently in cold and wet weather.

Just as driving a car needs to be adapted to the situation on the road and the weather – well, so is running.

Don’t give up running all winter long. You can skip some workouts and replace running with some other activity. Over the winter, it is a pity that the hard-earned running condition will deteriorate.

Running tips – Pokljuka, Slovenia

I avoid long running breaks. However, we can go to the gym and exercise passionately. But – running is running and there are no substitutes.

The running condition is different from the one you get with other activities and fitness exercises. It is ideal to combine training.

The fact is that there is no running strength without running. So bravely jump into your running shoes. Whatever the weather is. Remember, running in difficult conditions offers special pleasures.

WARNING: This is not an article by a self-proclaimed running expert. I’m just a runner who loves to write and wants to inspire you to run and live an active life.

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