Since the mini weather station hangs in our living room, I got used to check the temperature from outside. Then I go to my closet and choose my running clothes. What should I wear for today`s weather?

Weather station

As our body warms up during the run, it is necessary to dress as if the temperature were ten degrees higher. We should feel a little chilly and cold before we begin the run.

When it rains I wear a windbreaker anorak or running jacket with a hood. You can tie it around your waist if it stops raining during the run.

My hands and head are protected by gloves and earmuffs in the cold. In the rain, I wear a cap with a visor or a visor only if there is a combination of snow and rain.

In the list of equipment, the visor takes the top spot. Additionally to protect the runner’s head from cold and moisture, the visor also protects the eyes from sunlight, wind, flies, raindrops, and snowflakes.

Sunglasses are essential when it is very sunny or if there is a combination of snowy surroundings and sun.

Storms with rain can occur while running. In this case, salt from the sweat can directly get into the eyes, which is not very agreeable. Visors prevent this very well.

There are also certain types of running headbands that are meant to prevent this. Try them, they may suit you.

Equipment for run in cold and wet weather
Equipment for run in cold and wet weather / Ljubljana marathon 2003

WARNING: This article was not written by a self-proclaimed running expert. I’m just a runner who loves to write and wants to inspire you to run and live an active life.

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