Most of us come home from our job pretty late. In winter, it’s usually dark. But we still want to run.

We have to choose a safe route to run at night. You can run in a nearby stadium or in the illuminated streets. My favorite running routes are in almost total darkness. There are usually no lights in the forest, fields, non-traffic roads, and paths.

It seems that running on your favorite running paths is impossible. But with the right running gear, it is. With certain compromises, of course. Above all, the terrain must be safe and well known. Let’s see what you need to run safely at night.

Don’t forget your visibility if you run at night. Headlamps and reflectors are mandatory. I use a safety vest which is obligatory equipment for car drivers.

When you are running at night is very important that you are focused on the running surface and surroundings. Watch, watch, and listen! It’s a mind-training session.

I do not recommend running at night with headphones in your ears. This can be very dangerous. You may notice a car, wildlife, or some other danger, too late.

Speed and power training doesn’t belong on the streets. If you meet a car on narrow roads or streets, it is better to stop than to take the risk of slipping or falling.

Before you go running, tell your loved ones where you will be running and how long you will be gone. Bring your cell phone with you at night. In case of an emergency, you may need it.

Running at night has its traps. But it also has its advantages.

Enjoy the running. Stay safe.

Running at night, Ljubljana Tivoli Photo by Vesel family

WARNING: This article was not written by a self-proclaimed running expert. I’m just a runner who loves to write and wants to inspire you to run and live an active life.

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